Instructions & Resources
Here we have collected materials that can help you create the Angels of Freedom and organize a collection for schools in Chernihiv. If you need additional materials or any information, please call at the bottom of the page -
we are in all messengers.
We have prepared for you detailed instructions on how to make Angels of Freedom. It's very simple! It does not require any special skills and does not take much time. Children will do a great job.

You will need:
1. Hemp or linen thread (whip).
2. Scissors
3. Two pieces of yellow and blue fabric.
4. A piece of cotton wool.
5. Nylon thread.
6. Ruler.

Download Instructions
Here you can find posters for fundraising in English, German, Polish, Italian, and Spanish. You can download them immediately, print them out and arrange for them to be placed at school or at the market. Just edit your date, time, and place. You can also easily translate posters into the language of your country, or edit them to your liking directly in the online editor. This does not require special skills. If you have questions about translation or adaptation, please contact us by
the numbers at the bottom of the page.
Pictures of ruined schools
Here are photos and videos of some Chernihiv schools that were destroyed. You may need them to organize the fundraiser. Please download and use freely.

See pictures


Ukraine Coordinator: Olga Chyzhova +38 093 57 88 405

Europe Coordinator: Olena Chyzhova +32 471 70 79 10

USA Coordinator: Maria Turmell +1 805 607 07 14

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