Angels of Freedom
Help children in Ukraine save their schools!

After over a month of Russian shelling bombing, shelling, and airstrikes 27 out of 34 schools in Chernihiv, Ukraine are either damaged or ruined.
Who are Angels of Freedom?

On the morning of February 24, over thirty thousand children in Chernihiv were supposed to go toschool. But instead of an alarm clock, the alarming sounds of sirens and immediate explosions in the suburbs woke them up for the first time. For over a month, the city was under constant shelling, rocket attacks, and airstrikes.

On 3 March a 500 kg bomb was dropped on school 18
Basements of schools turned into bomb shelters for hundreds of Chernihiv residents. But the schools themselves were often targeted by Russian artillery and aircraft. 27 of the 34 schools were destroyed, five of them were directly hit by half-ton bombs. It is likely that some educational institutions will never be restored.

There're hardly any windows left in school 24
But there are also schools where minor repairs are needed. If we can repair windows blown out by the blast wave, students and teachers will be able to come back on the first of September with the start of the new school year. We have chosen such schools, and we will start by helping them. These are schools #35, 14, 27, 24, 6.
First of all, we will help change
the windows in these schools
✅ School #35 - DONE!
1733 students
42А Nezalezhnosti St.
School #14 - DONE!
517 students
30 Tekstylnykiv St.
School #27 – DONE!
709 students
4 Vsikhsviatska St.
School in Kolychivka
166 students from villages around
Shkilna St., Kolychivka
School #24
653 students
148 Tolstogo St.
School #6
667 students
35 Mazepy St.
The works at the school #35 of Chernihiv have been completed and accepted

The biggest school in Chernihiv has been reconstructed thanks to the "Angels of Freedom". Together we have finished the reconstruction in school #35 in Chernihiv! Now, 18000 students can go back to studying.

527 280,84 hryvnias for repairs were collected, entirely thanks to donations for our "Angels of Freedom" project. It was joined by people from all over the world who made little yellow and blue angels and sell them in markets

₴171 182

₴48 921

other construction materials
₴307 178

In a month, 47 window structures that were broken out by blast waves during the blockade of the city were repaired.
We only managed to finish this project thanks to the support of great people from all over the world:
  • Ukraine TrustChain
  • Volunteers With No Limits
  • ORAC2
  • Ana Kelbakiani
  • Maryna Pogrebniak
  • Tiago Parente
  • David Senftenberg
  • Greg Campbell
  • Sl Carr
  • Acropolium, Iryna Kryvanko
  • Ana Kelbakiani
  • Marcel Röthig
  • Kristina Zelenyuk
  • Ralph Gladitz
  • Olga Sargosh
  • Yuriy Rekun
  • Hilde Stivens
  • Mangus Gistrand
  • Yehor Levytskyi
  • Rita Daniela Martins
  • Nataliya Zayika
  • Yuriy Rekun
  • Rayna Breuer
  • Francesca Pasotti
  • Andromachi Dimitrius
  • Yurii Oleksyn
  • Oleksii Polishchuk
  • Valentyna Mykhalchuk
  • Iryna Bohdan
  • Anna Khtema
  • Vira Solovyova
  • Oleksandr Shtanko
  • Margaryta Udovychenko
  • Dmytro Kaminskyi
  • Ana Kelbakiani
  • Volodymyr Zatserkovny
  • Oleksandr Barannyk
  • Solfoto Productions
  • Oleksandra Kalashnikova
  • Olga Ivasenko
  • Maryna Vyshynska
  • Anna Khomych
  • Viktoriia Pustovoit
  • Sergiy Nikolayev
School #14 in Chernihiv is ready!

School #14 in Chernihiv welcomed the first of September with new windows! In the first week, the students trained to act in the event of an air raid sirens and used the reconstructed bomb shelter. Already from the second week, they fully return to offline learning! Our "Angels of Freedom" spent UAH 602,742 on repairs in this school.

505 719

₴ 73 872

₴ 23 151

In the school gym, we installed four new huge window structures. In addition, one window and eleven double-glazed windows in the classrooms were replaced.
The works at school #14 were fully financed by our American partners – the organizations Striving For All and Ukraine TrustChain
Reconstruction at school #27 in Chernihiv has been completed!

"Angels of Freedom" repaired another school in Chernihiv - #27. Over 700 students are starting the new school year! UAH 365,578 was spent on reconstruction.

₴ 244 415

₴ 22 021

₴ 99 142

In school #27, we replaced two large window structures in the gym, as well as two windows in the corridor and classroom and seven more double-glazed windows.
It was possible to restore the windows in school #27 thanks to the donation of monk Karel Stoutemas from Grimbergen Abbey and Grimbergen Scouts
Who can join?

Many children from Chernihiv moved to safe places around the world with their parents and relatives. But they dream of returning home and want to help rebuild their native schools. In their classes with new friends, Chernihiv children are making a traditional Ukrainian amulet, a motanka doll, yellow-blue Angel of Freedom. And the funds raised from the sale of these Angels at some school or city fairs will be transferred to repair schools in Chernihiv.

Join if you are also abroad with your children!
Such joint activities are also a great opportunity for your child to get better acquainted with classmates and tell more about Ukraine and Chernihiv.
Here are instructions for making angels.
If you are a teacher or principal
Join us even if Ukrainian children do not study at your school, but you would also like to help! This is a great opportunity to explain to children how important it is to support each other.
My children go to school in Europe.
How to organize a fundraiser?
Contact the school principal
or the parents' a committee with a proposal to support the action on the reconstruction of Chernihiv schools
Make the Angels of Freedom
at home or in your child's new classroom. It is also a great opportunity for you to tell once again about Ukraine and our ruined city.
Instructions here
Send instructions for making Angels of Freedom to the school.
Children can make them on their own in classes, in Sunday schools, or even on the playground
Put angels up for sale or just for donations
at the nearest school or town market, in the church
Invite the school to print a poster about the campaign.

Private donations can be collected in a special signed box "Save Chernihiv Schools"
Download posters here
Get ready for the market:
bring a flag to school, wear patriotic T-shirts or embroidered shirts with the whole family, explain why it is so important to help, print photos of damaged schools
All funds raised by the parent committee or school administration should only be transferred to an official charity account for a clear and transparent reporting
We will tell you how the fundraiser goes. If you hold workshops and fairs to raise funds for schools in Chernihiv, please share your photos and stories at
We reported about the reconstruction of the school to the donor

Submitted the report on the renovated school #27 to Grimbergen Abbey monk Father Carl. Together with Belgian scouts, he donated 10,000 euros to replace windows in a school in Chernihiv. All works have been completed and accepted, and more than 700 schoolchildren can attend classes.

Father Karel handed over a symbolic check to the residents of Chernihiv, who were temporarily evacuated to Belgium.

One more school is reconstructed!

Renovation at school #27 has been completed! Funds for the restoration of the windows in this school were donated by Chernihiv's good friend, monk Karel from Grimbergen Abbey and the Grimbergen Scouts. The replacement of two large structures in the gym, two more in the office and corridor, and 11 double-glazed windows cost UAH 365,577.

School #14 is ready!

We have completed the renovation of school #14 in Chernihiv. UAH 602,742 was collected for the repair of the educational institution by our American partners, the organizations Striving For All and Ukraine TrustChain. Over 500 children start the school year offline. We restored four huge structures in the gym and study, and another 11 double-glazed windows. During the first week, the children learned how to act in case of air raid sirens and how to behave in the shelter. May they no longer need this knowledge in practice!

We've fundraised over 1 500 000 UAH for the reconstruction of schools in Chernihiv 
Monthly report of the "Angels of Freedom" who help rebuild schools in Chernihiv.  Since May, thanks to people from all over the world, we have collected 1.5 million hryvnias.  Thanks to you, Chernihiv schools #35, #27, #14 have new windows, and the bomb shelter at Kolychivka school is being repaired🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Huge thanks to our awesome partners Ukraine TrustChain and Striving For All who covered a huge portion of August's expenses.

"Angels of Freedom" is a volunteer project, none of us receive salaries. We pay only for materials and work. This allows you to significantly reduce repair budgets💪

NBC made a story on Angels of Freedom

One of the biggest American TV networks, NBC, shot a story about our "Angels of Freedom" and our Chernihiv schools that are coming back to life after the Russian bombings. Journalists visited school No. 14 to see how the work on replacing windows is going and to learn how children and activists around the world managed to raise funds for the restoration of three schools in Chernihiv. Coming soon!

Chernihiv is starting the school year! 

Congratulations to teachers, students and parents, thank you ZSU for this opportunity! We are very glad that we were also able to help Chernihiv schools thanks to the "Angels of Freedom" and support from all over the world. 

The biggest school in Chernigov #35 was renovated thanks to donations from dozens of people and our reliable friends from @ukrainetrustchain

School #27 starts the new school year with new windows thanks to a donation from Father Karel from Grimbergen Abbey (Belgium) and Grimbergen Scouts

School #14 got new windows thanks to our new partner @strivingforall

Hundreds of children will be able to go to school.

Many thanks to all the volunteers of our team! Back in May, we thought it would be good to help at least one school!  Forward to the  Victory!

Our new partner Striving For All will repair windows in school #14
Striving For All supported our project "Angels of Freedom". This means that 517 children of Chernihiv will be able to start off-line education in the renovated building after the shelling.

Striving for All primarily helps children in different parts of the world to get quality education. In Chernihiv the organization chose to focus our resources on a specific school that, once repaired, would offer an immediate positive and uplifting impact on many local kids at the start of the school year. School #14 in Chernigiv met this criterion - the school building structure survived the bombs, but the windows and doors did not. The repair will allow over 500 children to count on classrooms with windows to shelter them from harsh winter weather.
We are extremely grateful for the support of the children and teachers of Chernihiv!

New windows, and therefore the education of hundreds of children to be

48 people ran in Kazakhstan to save Chernihiv schools

48 people took part in the Kazakh race in embroidered shirts, vyshyvanka. It was organized by the Humanitarian Headquarters of Ukraine in Kazakhstan, which supported the "Angels of Freedom" project. 

All funds collected from registration fees will be used to repair schools and bomb shelters in Chernihiv.

Also in Kazakhstan, fairs, charity concerts and workshops on the production of dolls are held.

Ukraine's Independence Day in Switzerland: with Angels of Freedom

In Lausanne, Switzerland, on Ukraine's Independence Day, residents of Chernihiv held a workshop on making Angels of Freedom. All Motanka dolls will be exhibited at charity events, and the raised funds will be donated to repair the windows of Chernihiv schools

New windows for school #27 arrived!

New double-glazed windows arrived at school #27, and we are starting the work! In this school, 53 window structures were damaged. The money for the repair of the school was donated by our Belgian friends - monk Karel Stautemas from Grimbergen Abbey and Grimbergen Scouts. Another school will start the school year on time!

The biggest school in Chernihiv was reconstructed thanks to the "Angels of Freedom"
The works at school #35 of Chernihiv have been completed! In a month, 47 window structures that were broken out by blast waves during the blockade of the city were repaired.
527,000 hryvnias for repairs were collected entirely thanks to donations for our "Angels of Freedom" project. It was joined by people from all over the world who made little yellow and blue angels and sell them in markets💙💛
We also received donations from friends of Chernihiv from different parts of the world. Special thanks to the American volunteers @ukrainetrustchain who supported the initiative🙏

Thank you all! The new windows in the 35th school are thanks to you.

The school in Kolychivka will have a bomb shelter
Thanks to the support of @ukrainetrustchain, the NGO "Ukrainian Prism" purchased building materials for the bomb shelter t at the Kolychivka school near Chernihiv.
About170 students from the surrounding villages attend the school. The village was in the line of fire forever a month. More than 250 villagers hid from the bombing in the school basement. A direct hit to the principal's office tore off the roof and broke the windows. Volunteers brought new double-glazed windows and materials for roof repair, and the community is carrying out the work on its own.
But to open on September 1, the school needs a bomb shelter. All materials for its repair and lighting equipment were purchased by "Ukrainian Prism" with donations from American friends. And school employees and students' parents are already starting work and promise to finish before the beginning of the school year.

We will also purchase biotoilets for the Kolychivka, as well as Ivanivka and Anisivka school shelters.

UAH 792,175 collected! Report for July

July was very productive for our team: we collected €11,078 and ₴145,893. So, in total, 792,175 hryvnias are on the project account. This money is not in vain! Already in July, we started and even almost finished the renovation of school No. 35. This is one of the largest schools in the city. About 1,800 children studied here before the war, and 75% of them plan to return to school on September 1. We replaced or repaired 47 window structures and slopes.

In addition, we were joined by incredible partners in July: Himbergen Abbey and Himbergen Scouts, volunteer initiative Ukraine TrustChain and the Headquarters of Humanitarian Support of Ukraine in Kazakhstan. Together, from August 1, we will start the renovation of the next school - No. 27. There is a large bomb shelter here, but the windows need to be replaced.

10,000 euros for the repair of Chernihiv schools from Father Karel of the Grimbergen Abbey and the Scouts of Grimbergen (Belgium)

We received the largest donation to the official account of the "Angels of Freedom" project from an old friend of Chernihiv, the well-known in Belgium monk Karel Stautemas from Grimbergen Abbey.

Father Karel has been with us since the first week of the war. He is one of the first foreigners who brought aid to the Polish border for Chernihiv and constantly helped the city during the blockade.

All funds will be directed to the completion of repairs in school 35 and the complete replacement of broken windows in school 27 in Chernihiv

The preliminary cost of the works is UAH 384,000. 53 window constructions were damaged in the school.

The mayor inspected the works at school No. 35

Replacement of windows in school No. 35 is in full swing. Windows have already been delivered to the facility. Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko came to check how preparations for the new school year are going in one of the largest schools. The "Angels of Freedom" team told the mayor how we are collecting money for Chernihiv all over the world.

In school 35, the replacement of windows broken by blast waves is being completed
47 structures - replaced or repaired, the work also included repairing the slopes of all affected windows.
We managed to do this thanks to our "Angels of Freedom" initiative and the support of people all over the world. UAH 527,737 - the cost of repairing windows - we managed to collect thanks to donations from all over the world. Residents of Chernihiv who were evacuated to various European countries joined the project. We thank everyone and encourage you to continue working. The next school is number 27, which has a shelter and is preparing for the next school year.
Blue and Yellow motanka dolls in California

Maria is a graduate of Chernihiv School No. 1 and has been living in the USA for many years. Although her children - Addelia, Mark and Giani - study in an American school, they could stay away and help schools in their mother's hometown.

Berlin fundraises for Angels of Freedom

Nina and Vanya, students of Chernihiv School No. 3, are now with their family in Berlin and have decided to help schools at home. Angels of Freedom were made by the whole family, mother, grandmother and little cousin. The funds collected from the Motanka dolls will be transferred to a charity account

Dismantling of windows in school #35 has begun

Thanks to the tireless Chernihiv children who make the Angels of Freedom, and dozens of caring people from all over the world who donate to the reconstruction of Chernihiv schools, we are starting! The first bill for the dismantling of damaged windows, installation of new ones, and arrangement of slopes has been paid - UAH 141,000.

Ukraine TrustChain – new partner of Angels of Freedom

The American volunteer network Ukraine TrustChain transferred $5,000 for the reconstruction of schools in Chernihiv. And this is only the beginning of real cooperation. Volunteers continue to tell about Chernihiv, our destroyed and damaged schools in the USA, and collect money for repairs.

Kazakhstan helps to collect money for schools in Chernihiv

The Headquarters of humanitarian support of Ukraine in Kazakhstan became a partner of Angels of Freedom. Volunteers have already hosted five workshops making dolls. Many activists will make toys at home with their families. Boxes with angels for collecting donations will be placed in coffee shops, and at mass events. The organization will dedicate the whole of July to our project!

Angels of Freed start the reconstruction in school #35

UAH 231,954 from people from all over the world for the reconstruction of Chernihiv schools

And we are starting!

35, a school with over 1,700 children, is first on our list for replacement windows.

Thanks to your help, we pay the first bill for UAH 171,181 for double-glazed windows

Preliminary bill for bringing 35 schools into order - UAH 560,000

We continue to work, looking for help all over the world! Thank you to everyone who donated, made Angels of Freedom and exhibited them at markets.

The ambassadors of Ukraine support the Angels of Freedom
Angels of freedom are real diplomats! In their Eurotour, they met with the ambassadors of Ukraine - in Sweden Andriy Plakhotniuk, in Hungary Lyubov Nepop, in Germany Andriy Melnyk and in the Czech Republic Yevhen Perebyinos. These countries have large Ukrainian communities, as well as a large number of internally displaced persons. We thank our partners "Ukrainian Prism", who tell about Chernihiv schools in the world.
500 euros for schools – from the family of our partners
In the Eurotour, our Angels of Freedom flew to our old partner and friend Marcel Rötig, director of the Office of F. Ebert Foundation in Ukraine. Mercel's wife connected to her friends from Australia to tell about the initiative of Chernihiv schoolchildren. Together, the family transferred 500 euros to rebuild the schools.
Angels of Freedom in Eurotour!
Angels of Freedom officially flew to the Eurotour to raise funds for the reconstruction of schools in Chernihiv! So, the angels made by teachers in Ladan will fly across Europe with our partners Ukrainian Prism. They have already made surprisingly useful acquaintances and visited old friends. The program includes Warsaw, Stockholm, Budapest, Berlin, Brussels, Prague, and Rome. And in each city we will have meetings with diplomats and activists.
2000 euros from German friends
The German-Ukrainian center in Rostock donated 2,000 euros to help Chernihiv schools! Thank you for your support!
Italian sports school raises money to repair of windows of Chernihiv schools
Gymnasts, including our evacuated little Chernihiv residents Maria and Sabrina, made Motanka dolls - Angels of Freedom. Everyone could buy them for a donut during the all-Italian competitions. All raised funds were transferred to a charity account

Everyone can join the project.
Now Friends from Nuremberg have symbolic Angels
Our friends from Nuremberg joined the project to help Chernihiv schools. Evacuated Ukrainian children made angels of freedom. They will be put up for sale at the nearest market, and all funds raised will be donated to replace windows in Chernihiv schools.
Everyone can participate in this simple but interesting workshop. It can be implemented in the school or kindergarten where your children are currently studying. The essence of this initiative is to help Chernihiv schools affected by the bombing.
👼🏻 Angels of Freedom fly around the world and raise funds for the reconstruction of schools in Chernihiv🇺🇦
Fairs started in Belgium, Italy, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine. In two weeks, Chernihiv children collected UAH 133,433 (EUR 3,207.80, USD 435.22, UAH 18,916). And this is just the beginning!

27 of the 34 schools were destroyed or damaged by Russian bomb
Iceland supports 🇺🇦
Angels of Freedom, who will help repair Chernihiv schools, are made in Reykjavik. Many thanks to Oksana Shabatura from the Ukrainian Center of Iceland's Capital, who supported #savechernihivschool. Angels will be exhibited for charitable donations in libraries and cultural centers, and every Icelander will be able to help replace windows in schools of Chernihiv
Chernihiv residents in Sweden have joined #savechernihivschool
Maria Usenko, who was evacuated with the children, is preparing to organize a charity fair with motanka dolls and Ukrainian cakes to help schools in Chernihiv.
Chernihiv residents are supported by the International Women's Association of Mutala. The Swedes are amazed that our kids basically have nowhere to go to school. 27 out of 35 schools of Chernihiv have been damaged or destroyed during Russian bombardments.
760 euros for the repair of Chernihiv schools from the sale of 19 blue prints💙💛
The works of Chernihiv photographer Andriy Kazun were published by the Belgian Virginie de Nolf using the cyanotype method. They were put up for sale during the Urban Blue Expo in Ghent. Virginia and her friends decided to transfer all the donations to the repair of Chernihiv schools. She visited our city in 2007 and dreams of coming again.
Angels of Freedom are about to in Italy
Little Marichka is studying at a gymnastics school in Italy, where she fled from the war in Chernihiv with her mother. The girl and her cousin Martha are preparing for the Sports Day in Reggio, Italy. The girls will exhibit the Angels of Freedom on the school stand at a large city fair at the seashore. And their teacher, the head of the gymnastics school, Benedetta encourages friends and acquaintances all over Italy to join the auction and help the schools of Chernihiv!
1788 euros from the marine biology Laboratory for schools in Chernihiv
Scientists from The marine biology Laboratory of Ghent University, Belgium have supported a project to renovate Chernihiv schools.
The employees transferred all their private donations to a charity account.
1788 euros will go to replace the windows broken during the shelling.
We thank Francesca Pasotti for her coordination and unconditional support of Chernihiv
170 euros for the renovation of Chernihiv schools from the guests of a private Belgian party
Sasha and Polina from school  35 made their first Angels of Freedom. They were put up for sale at a host family party in Belgium. Everyone could donate the amount they wanted. The angels flew away very quickly, and the account for the repair of Chernihiv schools got 170 euros. Such fairs are quite common for Europeans, so do not hesitate to join!
Sofiyka is too small for school yet, but is already helping

Sofiyka is too small for school yet, but she is already helping to restore Chernihiv's schools. In September, the girl will become a first-grader and is worried that a cozy class will be waiting for her in her native Chernihiv. She made the Angels of Freedom in the Halych Ethnographic Museum. Now Sofiyka is in Frankivsk, where she and her parents fled straight from the bomb shelter

Students of School #35 joined! 
Students of school #35 in Chernihiv Sasha and Polina are already making little Angels of Freedom. With their Mom they now live with a host family in Belgium and dream of returning home and going to their native school.
School #35 is on our priority list of schools to replace broken windows.
The first donations came from children in Germany
The very first donation to our charity account came from the children of Rayna Breuer, a Deutsche Welle journalist from Germany. 35 euros is all that was in Jan's treasury. Two weeks ago, the boy had a new classmate, Artem from Ukraine. The boys teach each other new words. In his diary, Jan set himself the goal of doing a good deed and donated all his savings to rebuilding Chernihiv schools.
Fundraiser is open in California
Adellia, Marcus та Giani Turmell live in California. Their mother Maria is a graduate of the Chernihiv school №1. The whole family support Ukraine and help raise funds for the reconstruction of Chernihiv schools.
Angels of Freedom in Switzerland
Anna Khtema, a Chernihiv woman and mother of three, actually figured out how little angels could help Chernihiv. Yellow and blue angels were made by the whole family, who were forced to evacuate to Switzerland. Angels now live in the families of classmates and neighbors. And they became a real hit at the conference of Swiss doctors (pictured). All the funds raised will help restore Chernihiv schools.
Angels of Freedom from Ukrainian puppeteer
The Angels of Freedom were invented by the People's Master of Ukraine, puppeteer Lyubov Podolinna. In March, she posted on her Facebook page instructions on how to make such wonderful charms. Angels of Freedom have spread all over Ukraine, and now they will help Chernihiv schools to start their work with the support of children from all over the world.
Help the children of Chernihiv to restore their native school
You are welcome to make your donation via PayPal
(with your credit card or PayPal account)

Or you can transfer funds to an official NGO account:

Account in Euro:


Address: 12 Shevchenko St., Office 5, Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14000


ACCOUNT NUMBER IBAN: UA923052990000026003036307001


City and country where bank is located: 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE

Bank/routing/SWIFT code: PBANUA2X

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City and country where Intermediary bank is located: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bank/routing/SWIFT code for intermediary bank: COBADEFF

Purpose of payment: Donation for Chernihiv schools

Account in USD:


Address: 12 Shevchenko St., Office 5, Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14000


ACCOUNT NUMBER IBAN: UA563052990000026009036301528


City and country where bank is located: 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE

Bank/routing/SWIFT code: PBANUA2X

Name of Intermediary/Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA

City and country where Intermediary bank is located: New York ,USA

Bank/routing/SWIFT code for intermediary bank: CHASUS33

Account in hryvnia:

Найменування отримувача ГО УКРАІНСЬКА ПРИЗМА

Адреса: вул. Шевченка, 12 офіс 5 м. Чернігів, Україна , 14000

Код отримувача 40191053

Рахунок IBAN UA533052990000026006036301587

Назва банку АТ КБ “ПРИВАТБАНК”

Призначення Платежу : Благодійна допомога

Reports and documents
The Ukrainian Prism, a non-governmental organization from Chernihiv, helps us to make our fundraiser official. NGO will collect all donations at its accounts, will purchase construction materials, hire workers, monitor the quality of work, and report for every cent spent.
Every two weeks here will appear
the reports on the funds used


Olga Chyzhova
Coordinator in Ukraine
+38 093 57 88 405
Olena Chyzhova

Coordinator in Europe

+32 471 70 79 10
Sergiy Dikalov
Coordinator in Chernihiv
+380 93 863 1570
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